We offer an effective method for investing in gold to everybody

Central banks have huge reserves of gold bullions in their
depositories. In fact, it is the best way how to preserve a
permanent value. And the same also holds for the richest peoplearound the world.

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IBIS InGold®

Our vision is to provide all people with an effective method of investing in precious metals, mainly in gold. Why in gold? This metal has one special feature – it does not lose its value. On the contrary, its value has been growing – for hundreds of years. Therefore, it is an ideal opportunity of saving money without losing its purchasing power.

We have managed to complete many projects while obtaining strong references, we dispose of international experience and mainly of the team of experts who know their job and take responsibility for it.

People have many possibilities how to buy gold, however, not all of them are the right ones. Our approach is fair and transparent.

Thanks to our direct connection to PAMP®, prestigious Swiss Refinery, we can provide our customers with superior services, both in the purchase and in the repurchase of investment metals bought from us. We are very happy when we can be of any help to people and ensure them not to worry about their savings in such a complicated century.

We offer two methods of investment in precious metals to our customers.

The first of them is “one-time purchase”. In our e-shop, you can choose an ingot or coin of any weight and we shall send the goods to your address within 48 hours after their payment. The consignment is insured to full value and it shall be delivered exclusively to you personally. We deliver the goods not only in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic but also into all countries of the European Union.

Another possibility of investing in precious metals is gradual saving for the weight and number of ingots or coins determined by you. We offer this type of purchase through a unique system of saving in precious metals in the world, developed by us, called intelligent investment plan ( iiplan®).

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The gold is loved not only by the residents of Asian countries. After the survey performed in Germany, it was proven by another survey, carried out in Switzerland. Gold brings investors security, safety and stability, which is something they are looking for. Politic and economic “frictions”, problems and indebted economies only accelerate escape to gold.